Full Keypad Anti Vandal Prison Telephone JR206-FK-Analogue

Brand Name: J&R
Color: Red or customized
Size: 248 *185 *129(mm)
Casing Material: Cold rolled steel body
Handset Material: ABS material handset with stainless steel spiral cord
Keypad: Weather sealed tactile digital keypad
Weather Resistance: IP55-IP65
Weight: 4 kg

Product Details

Model Number: JR206-FK-Analogue                                                                                                                        

This Prison Emergency Telephone is housed in stainless steel box and manufactured to a high standard, it is offer increased resistance to vandalism, and ensure that the primary function of communications is maintained at all times, resulting in a highly reliable product with a long MTBF

Extremely easy to install. The cable entrance is on the back of the phone to prevent from artificial damage, while the keypad is weather and vandal resistant.

Application of Full Keypad Anti Vandal Prison Telephone                                                                                    

This vandal resistant telephone is Ideal for Railway applications, Marine applications, Tunnels. Underground Mining, Firefighter, Industrial, Prisons, Jail, Parking lots, Hospitals, Guard Stations, Police stations, Bank halls, ATM machines, Stadiums, inside and outside building etc.

Specification of Full Keypad Anti Vandal Prison Telephone                                                                                  

Operating Temperatures: -40°C to + 70°C
Relative humidity high: 93% R.H at 40°C (non condensing)
Casing Material: Heavy Duty aluminium (salt & corrosion resistant)
Illuminated LCD Display: for status notifications and instructions
Flashing Light: ideal for noisy areas where a ring may not be heard, or for easy location inside dark tunnels etc
Excellent Sound Quality: STI approved to 0.9 (Excellent Sound)
Ringing volume: 80 dB(A) in 1m distance
Power Supply: 24V DC input, or Power over Ethernet (PoE).
Connection: RJ45 Ethernet socket through IP67 plug connector.
Quality of Service (QoS): ensuring optimal delivery of voice
Type of Service (ToS): high throughput and reliability (RFC3168)
ISDN gateway compliance: connect any SIP compliant VoIP/ISDN gateway to call to-and receive-calls from ISDN
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) RFC3261
Inbuilt redundancy: able to make diversion calls to 2nd PBX
TR069 (Technical Report 069): for advanced status monitoring and control
Configuration: web interface or server based configuration file. Static IP address provisioning or DHCP. Mass configuration available.
Keypad Option: available without a keypad (autodial-on-handset-lift),used to initiate a PABX Hotline or wait for reply.
Remote Management: Available with remote management software,to simplify installation and cut maintenance costs.

Feature of Full Keypad Anti Vandal Prison Telephone                                                                                           

- Robust housing, constructed of cold rolled steel

- Vandal resistant handset with armored cord

- Weather proof protection up to IP65

- Full Rugged & metal keypad

- Can be programmed remotely by tone phone or locally via keypad

- Non-volatile memory

- On wall mounting, simple installation

- Telephone line powered (Analog version )

- External Power supply or PoE powered (SIP version)

- RJ45 port for SIP phone

- Inductive coupler fitted as standard for hard of hearing

- CE, FCC, ISO9001, RoHS compliant

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J&R is China based design and manufacturer of rugged communications equipment. Our telephones and systems work, and last, in environments where regular products wouldn't.

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