VoIP Telephone Circuit Board JR-SIP-PCB

This VoIP Telephone Circuit is ideal for railway applications,tunnels,highways,marine applications,underground mining, retail banking,clean rooms, firefighter, taxi, industrial,prisons, parking-lots,power stations, chemical plants, etc.

Product Details

  Model NO.:JR-SIP-PCB                                                            

  Main Features of JR VoIP Telephone Circuit         

- Power Input: 12-24V DC, or PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
- No Additional Interface Required
- Web Page Configuration
- Real-time Alarm Reporting 
- SIP Compatible

- Connection: RJ45 LAN or WAN Direct Connection
- Automatic Call Divert (rollover), via Memory List
- Auto Answer
- Multicast Capable

- Quality of Service (QoS): ensuring optimal delivery of voice
- Type of Service (ToS): high throughput and reliability (RFC3168)
- ISDN gateway compliance: connect any SIP compliant VoIP/ISDN gateway to call to-and receive-calls from ISDN

- SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) RFC3261
- Inbuilt redundancy: able to make diversion calls to 2nd PBX
- TR069 (Technical Report 069): for advanced status monitoring and control

- Configuration: web interface or server based configuration file. Static IP address provisioning or DHCP. 
- Mass configuration available.
- Compatible with standard SIP protocol VOIP phone systems. 

  (Asterisk,Cisco, Mitel, Elastix, Freeswitch, MiniSipServer,Yeastar MyPBX etc.)

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  Charactertics of JR VoIP Telephone Circuit      

Protection level: weather-resistant, waterproof, rugged, standard

Network: VoIP, SIP, IP

Sound level:

Min.: 75 dB

Max.: 90 dB

          80 dB

   Applications 0f JR VoIP Telephone Circuit               

This VoIP Telephone Circuit is ideal for railway applications, tunnels, highways, marine applications, underground mining, retail banking, clean rooms, firefighter, taxi, industrial, prisons, parking-lots, power stations, chemical plants, etc.

  Other characteristics of JR VoIP Telephone Circuit      

handheld, emergency, handsfree, auto dial, for harsh environments, with LCD display, with video camera, paging, ringdown, outdoor, built-in, with loudspeaker, with flashing beacon, with indicator lights

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