Industrial Telephone Kiosk JR-TH-03

JR-TH-03 Standalone Industrial sound-proof Kiosk is made of Galvanized Sheet Material, with tempered glass windows, especially designed for noisy internal or external installations, providing a weatherproof and quieter telephone area at outdoors for harsh environment.

Product Details

  Model Number: JR-TH-03                                            

Industrial sound-proof telephone Kiosk JR-TH-03 is designed for noisy internal or external installations, providing a weatherproof and quieter telephone area.

Manufactured in robust galvanised metal. Internally the three sides of the booth are pre-lined with 50mm non-combustible, non-hygroscopic acoustic insulation. This is held in place by galvanised perforated panels. An acoustic slab is place inside the roof cavity for further insulation. And telephone will be fitted to the inner back panel of the booth.

Two vandal-proof windows allow a natural light source. And the telephone booth with fancy looking and inside lamp will provide a quiet and safety communication environment day and night

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   MAIN CHARACTERISTICS of Industrial Telephone Kiosk     

- Standalone telephone kiosk 

- Robust metal construction

- Durable, Galvanized Plate body

- Contain an inside lamp 

- Excellent low temperatures impact properties

- Completely maintenance free and corrosion resistant, impervious to chemical attack

- Noise reduction with door up to 38dB

- Noise reduction without door up to 25dB

- Fancy looking and modern 

- Weatherproof, can be used outdoors, and suitable for harsh environment

- Optional colors and dimension available upon request

- Fire Retardant, UV Resistan, and Vandalism-proof

- Standalone, easy fixing system

  SPECIFICATIONS of Industrial Telephone Kiosk     

Ø Dimensions – 2400* 1100 *1100 mm (H*W*D)

Ø Weight - Approx 375 KG

Ø Standard Colour - Silver gray, Others to order

Ø Body Material: Robust galvanised metal body

Ø Acoustic Insulation - 50mm Tissue faced non hygroscopic Rockwool

Ø Window - vandal-proof tempered glass


  ACCESSORIES and OPTIONS of Industrial Telephone Kiosk    
Each Acoustic Booth can be fitted with a JR telephone suited for specific needs and requirements.
• LED Strobe Light (Optional)
• Industrial speaker/ringer (Optional)


   APPLICATIONS of Industrial Telephone Kiosk         

This Industrial sound-proof telephone Kiosk is idead for heavy duty industies, oil&gas station, chemical plant, power station, construction sites, Roadside, Park, Square, Campus, Highway Service Station, Railway Station, Metro Station, Public Station, Factories, Off shore platforms, Any outdoor locations and more.

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