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Emergency Hotline Phone Be Integrated Into The Tunnel Management Systems

Jul 01, 2015

Emergency Hotline Phone be integrated into The Tunnel Management Systems

The Sparvo highway tunnel project,Italy is the Highways Agency’s longest road tunnel comprising two bores of 3.5 miles in length.

The primary control system for traffic management including life-saving fast tunnel closures is via SSL’s tunnel subsystem (TSS).The TSS communicates to IP message signs, tunnel lane control signals and speed limit repeater signs within the tunnel and communicates to fixed text message signs,barriers and wig-wag signals outside the tunnel.

The TSS monitors tunnel SCADA devices such as cross-passage doors,fans,lighting,RADAR alerts(pedestrian, stopped vehicle,slow vehicle,oncoming vehicle,debris),emergency telephones,fog detectors,smoke detectors,fire detectors,intrusion detectors and many more.This monitoring is achieved via a connection to the SCADA PLCs.

When the TSS receives alarms from these devices, the TSS will Pan, Tilt and Zoom a CCTV camera to allow the Operator to instantly see on their CCTV monitor the area in the tunnel where the alarm was initiated.An example being if an emergency telephone is picked up by a stranded motorist,the Hindhead Operator, on accepting the TSS alarm, can instantly see the stranded motorist at the telephone point and take remedial action quickly.