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Emergency Roadside Telephone (ERT) For Smart Rail Project

Dec 09, 2017

Smart Rail Project 2017, (Thursday, 1 December 2017)

Emergency Roadside Telephone System

Over 1,000 emergency roadside telephone systems have been delivered by Telegra worldwide. 

Features include: Roadside and tunnel version

                             Low cost of ownership over extended lifetime

                             Simple to operate and maintain

                             Solar powering enabled by low power consumption

                             Fibre optic, VoIP and GSM execution

The J&R Emergency Roadside Telephones have so far been in successful continuous operation for over many years, without problems. J&R with experienced sales talents and strong R&D and production team shines in the ability to design and manufacture compete communication solutions for customers. And we welcome you to inform us your specific project demands. What's more, we are always ready to help you to win and complete projects successfully by offering high quality products and our specific know how.


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