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Emergency Roadside Telephones Installed In Oxley Highway In Australia.

Mar 08, 2017

J&R Technology Ltd are especially pleased to announce the completion of Emergency Roadside Telephones installed in Oxley Highway in Australia.

The Solution

The J&R “auto-dial-on-handset-lift" feature allows users to simply lift the handset to connect directly to the roadside assistance help center, so road users don't have to worry about what number to dial in case of emergency. Additionally, the J&R telephone can be controlled and managed from a central location, thereby ensuring cost effective maintenance and improved up-time.

The Result

The J&R Emergency Roadside Telephones have so far been in successful continuous operation for over five years, without problems.

Our partner comments “The J&R 3G emergency telephones have proven themselves in terms of quality and reliability. We are very happy with the rugged performance, useful 3G features and ease of maintenance."