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Emergency Signs And Emergency Telephone At The Railway Station

Jul 19, 2017

MOSCOW,RUSSIA-SEPTEMBER 11,2016: Moscow Central Circle Line (Moscow Ring Railway).Emergency signs and emergency telephone at the railway station.

The introduction of the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) railway Launched in September 2016 the MCC is a new overland line of the Moscow Metro. It carries around 350,000 passengers daily and helps to take the load off the most busy underground stations as well as railway terminals in the city and its suburbs.

The MCC meets the highest environmental,technical and social standards: While all stations are accessible for passengers with limited mobility,trains are also equipped with e-information boards, climate-control systems and lavatories, and offer a high-speed and free Wi-Fi network as well as chargers for gadgets.

Emergency telephones at the railway station are among the most important safety equipment for quick and targeted help. Callers are directly connected to the nearest traffic management centre.The staff knows exactly where you are and immediately alerts all rescue services.

Also the tunnels along railway have emergency tunnel exits.Emergency phone booths are located along railway where motorists & Railway company staff can call for help or request emergency service from the authority.