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Emergency Stations With In-tunnel SOS Emergency Phone Systems

Jan 05, 2018

J&R designed, manufactured, and our partner installed and commissioned the emergency telephone system at the Tunnel Application

Our Partner carries out professional activities particularly on the following areas for tunnel electromechanical works:

  Tunnel control center and SCADA software

  Tunnel energy systems procurement, distribution and management

  Tunnel lighting and lighting control systems

  Emergency exits and emergency lighting

  Tunnel ventilation and ventilation control systems

  Tunnel traffic control and monitoring systems

  Monitoring inside and surrounding of the tunnel with camera and CCTV systems

  Incident detection systems with in-tunnel camera

  Emergency stations with in-tunnel SOS emergency phone systems

  In-tunnel fire alarm and monitoring contact systems

  In-tunnel fire extinguishing systems

  Systems for in-tunnel passing gates and tunnel entrance barriers

  Meteorological systems at tunnel exists for weather and road condition

  Tunnel radio and wireless systems

  In-tunnel public announcement systems

  Telecontrol, PLC, networking and communication systems

  Online / offline collection and transfer of relevant data inside and surrounding of the tunnel

  Single center monitoring and management of group tunnels

It is a critical system that meets strict requirements of high reliability and low maintenance.

As the emergency telephones are a critical part of the tunnel infrastructure, the update was performed alongside the live system without interruption.

New features were added that incorporated the most recent developments in electronics and communications, which brought the system up to date and functioning more efficiently while maintaining the reliability it had become known for.

These updates also provided easier to use interfaces in the control room, allowing operators to be more effective when assisting motorists during an emergency, and to perform the testing of the system more efficiently.

tunnel emergency system.png