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Help Points – Providing Passengers With Emergency And Information Services

Jun 23, 2017

Iran Railway stations have had a total of 157+26 new Help Points installed so that passengers can call for information and help at the press of a button. Of the total Emergency Help Point, 26 are the new style Help Point which also gives live train running information and Telephone Management System features. These are located at railway platform and waiting room and the railway stations where minimal information was previously available.

The Customer Information Systems Project Manager said: “Help Points are an extremely important part of our customer information package. They are highly visible and easy to use, and are very popular with our passengers.”

By pressing the Call button for general enquiries or the green button for emergencies, the passenger speaks directly to an operator at railway central Control Centre. At the same time, as an additional security measure and to help passengers to feel safe, the operator can use the CCTV cameras to see most help points and passengers making the call.

Some passengers feel that Help Points can only be used in an emergency and are reluctant to use them for fear of taking up an operator’s time when they could be dealing with things of a more pressing nature.

The Customer Information Systems Project Manager explains: “We’re keen to let people know that it doesn’t have to be an emergency. Passengers can use Help Points to talk to one of our operators in our Control Centre about any aspect of their journey. From train times to assistance with wheelchairs just press the blue button. Our operators are there to help.”

The Iran railway department has plans to install a further more Help Points at stations by the end of the year with the all the new help point of these having the built-in quality speaker and mic,and also with the TMS for real-time management of all the emergency help point from J&R Technology Ltd.