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Improving Communications In Underground Mining- Emergency Mining Telephones

Apr 23, 2018

Improving Communication Systems in Underground Mining for Efficient Search and Rescue in Case of Disasters.

J&R Technology Ltd Service :

► Heavy Duty VoIP Telephones for underground Mining

► Reliable operation in challenging areas

► Excellent Voice Sound Quality (VSQ)

► Integrated remote monitoring and control

    (saves maintenance costs)

► Based on open standards (SIP, VoIP)

► Production is focused on Quality

► Adhere to relevant codes and standards

► First Class Service with 24h Local Service support

J&R Technology Ltd is the proven and preferred audio and data communication choice for environments that require the protection of human life, property, assets and/or the management of critical activities.And we are always ready to help you win and complete projects successfully by offering high quality products and our specific know how.


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