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JR Acoustic Phone Booth Has Been Installed In St. Vincent And The Grenadines West Indies

May 25, 2017

JR very glad to share with you that the Mustique, a Holiday paradise, has installed JR Acoustic phone booth in the stream of islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines, which just a hundred miles west of Barbados.

JR Acoustic Phone Booth has great sound proofing qualities that greatly enhance communication in areas with high background noise levels. And the booth can be fitted with accessories including strobe lights, sounders, and the SR40/60 explosion proof speaker/ ringer, speaker or ringer. 

Main Features: 

1) Acoustic insulation: Noise Attenuation up to 23 dB

2) Polyethylene plastic construction

3) Polyethylene material flammability

4) Durable, lightweight, chemical resistant body

5) Excellent low temperatures impact properties

6) High performance polyurethane acoustic insulation liner, resistant to mildew and rot. Fire retardant class “0” rating.

7) Completely maintenance free and corrosion resistant, impervious to chemical attack

8) Can be used both indoors, outdoors and offshore.

9) Option colors.

When the client placed the order, JR has keeping update the details of the manufacture and the packaging for the client’s reference. The client very satisfy with the phone booth, and he speaks highly of JR high-quality products and Efficient & Considerate Services also.

JR always welcome any single potential customer to inquiry our products, and we are glad to work on any projects where the clients will feel our excellent products and considerate services can be best utilized.