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JR Acoustic Telephone Booths Had Been Installed In Oil&Gas Drilling Site In Mexico

May 13, 2017

J&R very happy to release the good news that our acoustic telephone booths had been installed in a very big Oil&Gas drilling site in Mexico. 

When learning from the client about the very badly installation environment and the highly requirement for the quality of communications, JR team has developed a model of acoustic booths specifically designed for aggressive industrial situations where high ambient noise inhibits effective two-way speech. This type of acoustic hoods are fire retardant. Glass reinforced polyester is an extremely strong material, These telephone booths much more robust than traditional metal fabrications and will provide long trouble free service in the most severe of climatic conditions.

JR Acoustic Telephone Booths not only help improving the intelligibility of communications, but also providing shelter for both user and equipment. We are looking forward more further cooperation with similar projects from all over the world!