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J&R Emergency Roadside Telephones Help To Improving Safety Records For The Highway Of India

Apr 27, 2017

J&R Emergency Roadside Telephones for the Highway Application in India

J&R feel honored to share with you that the Metro Infrasys, an emerging leader in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems in India, has selected JR Roadside Emergency Telephones for their Highway Project.

As we all know, base on the number of incidents, accidents, injuries and fatalities, the Road safety has been one of the safety concerns. To improve road safety, most countries worldwide also stipulates a regulatory requirement to install emergency roadside telephones.

According to the project requirements, J&R have offer Metro Infrasys a customized product and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) solution:

1. 3G version, which saving the cost of cabling

2. One button programmable for speed dial, the phone can connected to a transport police control room and emergency breakdown services

3. IP rating to IP67, can deal with attempted vandalism as well as exposure to rain, extreme temperatures and dust, even the outside areas with no or little supervision

4. Two indicators on the phone for status indication

5. Support message function for low battery, door opening & low signal strength

Metro Infrasys speak highly of JR Emergency Roadside Telephones: The high-quality JR Roadside 3G Phones help keep a more secure environment for the Highway Safety! Thanks to the J&R, we have reduce the expenditure on budgets. And we believe this solution can reduce the number of injuries and accidents on the Highway!

J&R always welcome any single potential customer to inquiry our Emergency Roadside Call Box and Eergency Help Point Solution.