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JR Outdoor Sound-proof Telephone Booths Had Installed In A Mold Factory In China

Nov 16, 2017

JR outdoor telephone booths had installed in a mold factory in Shenzhen, China. 

The Acoustic telephone Hood made of fiberglass reinforced polyester(GRP), expecially designed for installation in corrosive industrial and marine areas, Off-Shore & On-Shore, with non hygroscopic sound absorbing filling material, attenuation up to -24dB(SPL).It can be used both indoors, outdoors.

The outdoor telephone hood is fixed to the wall via two stainless steel mounting brackets that are secured through the hood's back wall to the inner telephone apparatus plate. This enables a load of up to 60 kgs to be safely mounted on the plate. The plate is pre-drilled to accept many telephones. Our telephone booth is very suitable for very noise area communications. 

To help and make sure the clients hear clear when making or pick up a call is very important to us! We will focus on and go ahead to support our clients based on our reliable industrial communication device quality and our professional service. Thanks a lot for your attention and please stay turn for updating more projects!

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