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J&R Red Outdoor Emergency Telephone Are Going to be Installed In Brigham Young University In USA

Mar 23, 2017

       J&R Emergency Telephones going to protect the students in Brigham Young University in the United States.

       About 50 units Red Emergency Telephones are going to be installed in Brigham Young University in USA. The phone is made to be direct line. When students or teachers need help in any emergency cricumstances, they just need to pick up the handset that the emergency phone will auto dial to the security room. 

       In order to provide a more safety environment to the people around the world, the J&R Technology Ltd. always focus on the public communication solutions. The School security solution is just a part of our production lines. 

       We also serve any single potential customer with special individual solutions and systems. If you have any questions or any interested in our products and solutions, very welcome to contact us! We are of service at any time!