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J&R Technologies Has Secured Its Single-biggest Order Worth 1000000 RMB From Portugal Telecom SGPS SA For Correctional Facilities

Apr 27, 2017

Inmate Telephone Solution for Correctional Facilities in Portugal

J&R Technologies has secured its single-biggest order worth 1000000 RMB from Portugal Telecom SGPS SA for correctional facilities

The solutions within J&R’s integrated corrections technology offerings are designed to provide facilities with unprecedented levels of visibility into every aspect of their operations. This allows corrections departments to see “the big picture,” understand trends and patterns that would otherwise not be apparent, and take proactive measures to maintain control and safety.

We are committed to pushing the envelope on how technology can help improve virtually every aspect of your operations, including the day-to-day experiences of everyone in the corrections ecosystem: staff, inmates, family and friends. From the hardened exteriors of our kiosks, phones and other in-pod devices to the reliability and security of the software that powers our solutions, everything we provide is designed from the ground up with the rigors of the corrections environment in mind.

Connecting inmates to their friends and loved ones is an essential service with benefits for all involved. From secure telephones and in-pod kiosks to handheld devices, J&R Technologies is the trusted partner in helping correctional facilities leverage technology to enable connection without compromising control.

J&R Team will be always here to be your service.

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