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J&R Vandal Resistant Prison Telephone Installed In The Shkodra Prison & Fier Prison In Albania

Apr 22, 2017

Vandalproof PrisonTelephone for Prison Application in Albania

J&R are especially pleased to make a announcement that our vandal proof prison telephones had been used well in most prisons in Albania, The clients share with us the two recently project of Shkodra Prison and Fier Prison. For those projects which we provide the solution for the cell internal communication and external communication and with our inmate phone model JR201.

Let's introduce the prison telephone systems here :

    Jail phone services are phone systems that are created specifically for use by those incarcerated in jails. Telephone services are offered to inmates, so that they can get in touch with their families and can remain in constant contact with the outside world. They can also contact their legal counselors as they can easily solve any problems to do with legalities.

    The telephone system is designed in such a manner that the prison authorities can control or monitor the calls that the prisoners make from jails. This satisfies the security concerns of jails and also enables a safe mode of communication between the inmates and their family or friends through the jail phone service. This makes the rehabilitation process much easier when they are released from jail. This is also known as Inmate Telephone Systems.

Some of the key features for Jail Phone Services are as follows:

   1. Calls can be restricted for special category of Inmates. Restriction can be done according to individual identity of inmates based on their PIN, Personal Identification Number which is assigned to each of the inmates for making such calls.

   2. There are ways to record the call and staff can listen to the conversations later on.

   3. Jail officials have the ability to shut down the entire telephone system in case of emergencies in the jail.

   4. Specific numbers can be blocked.

   5. The prison authorities can disconnect calls at any time.

   6. Can be used for both local as well as international calling.

   7. Internet based facilities in the form of video conferencing and other services can also be made from Jail Phone Services.

   8. Prison systems generally limit the calls made through Jail Phone Services which, however, is dependent on the prisons house rules and does not cover all prisons.

   9. Different Options for making calls from Jail Phone Service System

Some of the options that are provided to inmate institutions for making calls through Jail Phone Services are:

   1. Prepaid Cards – Some jail systems can make use of such telephone cards, which the inmates can purchase from the prison authorities. They are less costly when compared with collect calling.

   2. Debit Telephone Cards – These are available in some of the prisons. The tariff or charge must be paid after the calls are made and there is no need to pay upfront for the use of such phone cards.

   3. Collect Call System – These kinds of calls are very common among jail inmates, as the cost of this call is charged to the person being called. However, they are quite costly and it is better to opt for cheaper options, such as a prepaid card or a debit card.

   4. Standard Cards – Such cards are allowed for use by inmates in some prison systems. Though this system is rare, it is offered in certain detention institutions.

   5. However the prison can set the charges for the calls made by the inmates. This charge can be set based on the costs of maintenance and operation of the telephone service.