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July 2017 - J&R Technology Ltd Is Pleased To Announce Their Latest Development In IP Audio, Their New Vandal Resistant IP Intercom Solution.

Jul 17, 2017

July2017 - J&R Technology Ltd, a global leader and supplier of the security communication systems and anti-tamper Intercom, is pleased to announce their latest development in IP audio, their new Vandal Resistant IP Intercom solution.

This weather and tamper resistant station is ideal for use as a communication, information or emergency point. It easily connects directly to any IP network for simple deployment anywhere, at any distance.

Designed for VoIP/SIP (Voice over Internet Protoco) the station offers an array of communication features such as integrated hotline, group call, call priority and over-ride, to name just a few. This enables you to deliver instant, efficient and secure voice,and data services.


• Robust housing with Aluminum frontplate

• Made for critical communication in rough environments like roads, tunnels and ships.Extremely water and dust resistant, IP-67.

• Temperature -35°C to +65°C

• PoE Powered from one IP network cable

• Magnetic reed hook-switch ensures minimal wear and tear.

• Relay output for remote control, e.g. doors, gates & strobes

• Button with bi-color LED ring

Audio Technology:

• Support SIP 2.0 (RFC3261)

• Codec: G.711A/u, G.7231 high/low, G.729, G.722

• Echo cancellation: Support G.168 and hand-free can support 96ms

• Supports full duplex

• SIP support SIP domain, SIP authentication(none, basic,MD5),DNS name of server

• DTMF:SIP info, DTMF RelayRFC2833

• Call control features: Flexible dial map, support hot-line

Network Features

• WAN/LAN: support Bridge mode

• Support static IP address

• Support DHCP get IP on WAN port

• Support VLAN

• Support web config

J&R Technology Ltd is the proven and preferred audio and data communication choice for environments that require the protection of human life, property, assets and/or the management of critical activities.And we are always ready to help you win and complete projects successfully by offering high quality products and our specific know how.