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King Fahd Military Medical Complex Have Chosen J&R Emergency Phone Stations For Their Military Medical Complex In Saudi Arabia.

Jun 23, 2017

King Fahd Military Medical Complex have chosen J&R emergency phone stations for their Military Medical Complex in Saudi Arabia. The stations are set to SIP mode during installation and are interfaced to their Cisco Call Manager iPBX. As our phone  is already CISCO certified and compatible, this is an easy integration.

About King Fahd Military Medical Complex

 King Fahd was born in 16 March 1921 in Riyadh, at the age of 11 he watches his father (Abdul-Aziz) as he signed the Treaty of Jeddah and as he founded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is actually a today recognized King, and will remain like this forever.

In 1945 Fahd made his first travel to New York with his brother (King Faisal) who was Foreign Minister at the time and it was to attend at the Generally Assembly of U.N.

In 1953 Fahd was nominated Education Minister by his father and in the same year Fahd had his first official state visit with Queen Elizabeth II.Fahd lead as Education Minister for 7 years till 1960 and after that he was Prime Minister for 6 years from 1962 to 1968.

In 1975 after the death of King Faisal who was assassinated by his nephew. Fahd was given the post of Prime Minister and was named right after Crown Prince.

Fahd supported the U.N for years giving them 5, 5% of the Saudi Arabia`s income, he help’s at building mosques all over the world. This is great since they can get what they need; it appears to be an strategic spot, too! Keep reading to learn more fantastic history. Truth is, this region is full of surprises.

In 1991 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, King Fahd decided to host U.S troops in his kingdom and later deciding to let U.S troops to establish bases here. This decision wasn’t viewed well by his people and a lot of his people started to criticize this decision and it was viewed as a threat by Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

Finally, King Fahd died in 1 August 2005 at the age of 84 at Riyadh in King Faisal Hospital; he died of pneumonia and high fever. Everyone was ecstatic.

Why J&R Technology Ltd ?

After releasing SIP Phone Stations, we knew this would open up many new channels for us including Unified Communication Telephony providers,the other system integrator and communication project subcontractor, reach out to us to provide them with more information about the new SIP Phone Stations and educate them on the incredible flexibility of SIP, PULSE compatible IP stations.

The King Fahd Military Medical Complex liked that our IP Stations could replace competitor stations they had used in the past.  They were intrigued that our feature rich stations could be married to their IPBX systems, and they were extremely impressed with the audio quality when demoing the active noise cancellation capabilities. The modern, sleek design of our stations was considered ascetically ideal for their brand new facility. Currently, The King Fahd Military Medical Complex is considering purchasing more equipment to show clients the full spectrum of capabilities of J&R SIP Phone products.