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Moisture Resistant Emergency Phones For Tunnel Installation

Dec 20, 2017

Today (Dec. 20th, 2017), we have finished the production of 150 pcs JR101-FK (Moisture Resistant Tunnel Emergency phone), and the phone will be delivered to Turkey soon. They gonna to be installed in Ilgaz Tunnel very soon, IlgazTunnel (Turkish: Ilgaz T√ľneli), is a highway tunnel under construction through Ilgaz Mountains between Kastamonu Province in northern Turkey. The 5,391 m (17,687 ft)-long tunnel has twin tubes.

Our model JR101-FK moisture resistant emergency telephone is fully contained within a corrosion resistant cast aluminium weatherproof case with a door providing complete protection against dust and moisture ingress, resulting in a highly reliable product with a long MTBF. This moisture resistant emergency telephone is very popular for Tunnels, Mining, Marine, Underground, Metro stations, Railway platform, Highway side, Hotels, Parking lots, Steel Plants, Chemical plants, Power plants and related heavy duty industrial application, etc. where require very reliable telephony under adverse conditions.