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The Installation Of JR201-FK-VC In An Ireland Prison Is Expected Soon

Mar 08, 2017

It is well noted that prisoner telephone systems play a significant role in the management of prisoners. To relieve the stress and comfort the emotion, communications are helpful to the prisoners. During the recreation time, prisoners usually go out of the cell and stretch the body. Generally, there are many robust weatherproof telephones installed in the outside recreation area, they are wall mounted to maintain stable. The prisoners will take advantage of these telephones to talk and communicate.

There are many symbolic things in Ireland, like Irish Whiskey and clover, but you will never forget to speak of another thing about Ireland, that is rain. The rains in Ireland could be heavy and gentle, could be long and short. Everything in Ireland must learn to get used to the rain, including the telephones in the Ireland prisons. These phones must be waterproof and weather resistant.

J&R technology has been elaborately manufacturing outdoor weatherproof telephones for many years. Thousands of telephones had been installed in the parks, bus stations, highways, and prisons all over the world.

JR201-FK-VC is well designed for the hazardous areas. It is IP 65 waterproof with stainless steel enclosure and armored cord handset. With years of verifications and tests from the practical configuration and usage, hundreds of JR201-FK-VC are expected in the Ireland prisons again.

The production and QC inspection of these JR201-FK-VC are already finished and they are expected to be shipped to Ireland by air soon. The prisoners will have better stable telephones to call in a few days.