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We Are Especially Pleased To Announce The Completion Of Emergency Telephone Have Been Installed In Iran Railway

Jun 16, 2017

We are especially pleased to announce the completion of Emergency Telephone have been installed in Iran Railway

All our emergency phones are designed for private or public switched telephone networks, and can be remotely programmed from any Touch Tone phone. Appropriate ranges meet the general requirements of the international Disability Discrimination Act, including Braille notification and Induction Loop circuitry for hearing aid users.

The ranges include highly vandal resistant and weatherproof emergency help points, with exceptionally good speech quality even in noisy environments. Additional relays are available to activate audio visual alarms and CCTV equipment. Some phones optionally offer additional amplified speakers, to provide a local PA facility

IP, GSM and WiFi interfaces are available, with pillar mounted solar panel options if required

Here are some criteria for setting up an emergency communications system:

1) It should be easy to operate

2) have effective range

3) have a modest amount of protection against interference

4) be inexpensive (i.e. low initial cost, low maintenance and no monthly fees)

5) be readily available

6) be able to operate “off the grid”

There are at least five communications systems that more or less meet these criteria. Some have big drawbacks, others minor ones. In making your choice, you should examine your own needs and match them with the appropriate system.

The vandal-proof high quality emergency telephones will help you to target the suitable solution for emergency communication project and our product will bring more convenience for people.and to provide a quiet and safety communication environment day and night.

J&R with experienced sales talents and strong R&D and production team shines in the ability to design and manufacture compete communication solutions for customers. And we welcome you to inform us your specific project demands. And we are always ready to help you win and complete projects successfully by offering high quality products and our specific know how.