Weatherproof Telephone Protection Hood JR-TH-01

Material: Polyethylene plastic
Sound Proof: -24dB
Color: Orange, Blue, White, Red, Yellow
Gross Weight: 25 KG
Dimension: 780*680*500(mm)
MOQ: 1 Set
Shipping: By Air/ Sea/ Express
Payment Term: T/T, Paypal

Product Details

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   Model Number: JR-TH-01                                                  

This weatherproof telephone protection hood is an excellent aid to improve audibility in noisy environment where telephones have to be installed. The special shape of the hood and its inner lining with sound-absorbing meterial optimally reduces noise in the area of the telephone. The overhearing of telephone conversations from outside the hood is also impeded.

The weatherproof telephone protection hood is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP), expecialy designed for installation in corrosive industrial and marine areas, Off-Shore & On-Shore, with non hygroscopic sound absorbing filling material, attenuation up to -24dB (SPL).It can be used both indoors, outdoors.

The hood is fixed to the wall via two stainless steel mounting brackets that are secured through the hood's back wall to the inner telephone apparatus plate. This enables a load of up to 60 kgs to be safely mounted on the plate. The plate is pre-drilled to accept many telephones.

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   MAIN CHARACTERISTICS of  Sound-proof Telephone Hoods   

• Polyethylene plastic construction

• Polyethylene material flammability

• Durable, lightweight, chemical tesistant body

• Sound insulation up to -24dB

• Designed for corrosive and saline atmosphere

• UV resistant and suitable for harsh environment

• Easy installation

• Suitable for all kinds of industrial telephones

• Pass-trough hole on the shelf for cables inlet

• Excellent low temperatures impact properties

• High performance polyurethane acoustic insulation liner, resistant to mildew and rot. 

• Completely maintenance free and corrosion resistant, impervious to chemical attack

• Can be used both indoors, outdoors and offshore

• Standard color- Yellow. Optional colors available upon request

• Special shape for higly noisy areas

   APPLICATIONS of  Sound-proof Telephone Hoods                

This Sound-proof Telephone Booth has been widely used in Refi neries, Aerospace, Nuclear facilities, Factories, Chemical plants, Bulk loading stations, Mines, Drilling rigs, Steel mills, Off shore platforms, Any high noise industrial location and more environments.

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Soundproof Phone Booth.jpg

 PACKAGE of  Acoustic Telephone Hoods                           

Size: 780 * 680 * 500 (mm) 

Packaging materials: pearl cotton, wooden box

Net Weight: 22 KG 

Gross weight: 25 KG 




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